About us

What is RiojaYpedal ?

A cycling tour, non-competitive, classic style, for those who want to dust off their steel bicycles of more than 30 years, with toe clips and straps, their jerseys of yesteryear and enjoy good refreshments watered with the wine that we elaborate with so much care drank in "boot" or "porrón". RiojaYpedal was born from the demand of many people from Cenicero who participated in a race of similar characteristics, preparing material and vintage clothing for the occasion. 

A group was created with enthusiasm and each one  contribute with their own knowledge in different fields. This made the race a reality and entered in  the calendar of retro cycling events in our country. 

We are a non-profit association that aims to promote our environment, culture and way of life. RiojaYpedal is a tribute to our first cyclists, a way to value their effort and live a friendly atmosphere. 

We have designed an attractive tour to enjoy with our  bikes the landscape of La Rioja and the friendship between the participants.  We share the same passion. 

We will be accompanied by classic vehicles and motorcycles to create an atmosphere back to the past, suitable for nostalgics.